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Oysta Help on Hand GPS watch

The Oysta HelpOnHand features sophisticated tracking and communication capabilities that monitor the wearer’s location.

If lost, distressed, or in need of help, the wearer can easily trigger an alarm to alert help. It provides the ability to communicate with the wearer through a built-in speakerphone and regular check-in service.

Features and benefits 
  • All-in-One - displays time, date and day as well as enabling two-way communication
  • One-Touch SOS button if you are in distress or need peace of mind, press the support button to get help.
  • Create safe zones to monitor movements in and out of areas at certain times of the day or night


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Starting from as little as £4 per week

Get help and support at the press of a button with our 24/7 telecare Alert and Response services.