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OK Today Service

OK Today is a service where the user makes a call by pressing a green button on their alarm unit before a pre-determined time to let our control room know that they are ‘OK today.’

The alarm unit is set to expect a call from the user between certain times, up to twice a day.

How Does This Work

If a call is made before the allotted time, this indicates that the service user is ‘OK Today’, and our control room will take no further action.

If a call is not made before the specified time, the alarm unit will alert our control room. Before this happens, the alarm can prompt the user to press the green button.

If our control room receives an alert, they will contact the user first, but they will arrange the necessary response if no response is received.

Who is this for?

OK Today would be helpful for someone who lives alone and is mobile and independent with no cognitive impairment.

It would benefit people who do not wish the intrusion of a daily phone call or visit.

It also provides peace of mind to family and carers that a response will be automatically generated if the customer does not acknowledge that they are OK Today.


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