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MyAmie Pendant

The MyAmie is a small, discreet, wearable pendant that allows the user to raise the alarm if they are in difficulty at home or in the garden.

Offering peace of mind and an extra level of support, MyAmie requests assistance at the push of a button.

Who is it for?

Suitable for anyone of any age living independently who may need to raise an alarm to request assistance, the MyAmie can offer peace of mind and an extra level of support. It can be particularly useful for disabled people and individuals who have recently been discharged from hospital.

How does it work?

The waterproof pendant, which can be worn around the neck, on the wrist, or clipped to a belt, enables individuals to call for help by simply pressing a button. It can also be added to a key ring or mounted on the wall within a 75m range of the Lifeline home unit. The MyAmie sends a radio signal to the Lifeline home unit, which raises an alarm to the monitoring centre to take appropriate action.

  • Integrated alarm button with LED for visual reassurance that the alarm has been pressed
  • A range of easy to wear options, including, wrist strap, neck cord and belt clip
  • Provides increased peace of mind and reassurance for those living independently, their families and carers
  • Small, compact and comfortable design is easy to wear and improves safety levels


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